The Candidates

Vaclav Klaus

 Vaclav Klaus is the current president of the Czech Republic. He was elected by the parliament in 2003  and 2008. Klaus is ineligible for reelection in 2013 and his current mandate expires on March 6, 2013. Klaus is known for being  Eurosceptic and critic of climate science. See here for more information about Vaclav Klaus.

Jan Svejnar

Despite widespread speculation and high ranking in the opinion polls, Jan Svejnar announced in September that he will not run in the 2013 Czech presidential elections.  Svejnar is a US-based, Czechoslovakia-born economist who ran against Vaclav Klaus in 2008 and lost narrowly in the third round of voting. Svejnar would run as an independent in the 2013 campaign. See here for a short bio of Jan Svejnar.

Jan Fischer

 Jan Fischer was Prime Minister and caretaker of the government from 2009-2010. He is currently the Vice-President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). He consistently ranks 1st in opinion polls and recently opened an election office. Tomas Chrenek  has contributed 9 million czk to the campaign. See here for more information about Jan Fischer.

Karel Schwarzenberg

 Karel Schwarzenberg has announced his intention to run in the 2013 presidential elections. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of the TOP 09 political party is falling in opinion polls. Prince Schwarzenberg is a member of high nobility of Bohemia and current head of the House of Schwarzenberg. He is a member of the Chamber of Deputies and a former senator (2004-2010).  See here for more information about Karel Schwarzenberg.

Milos Zeman

 Milos Zeman has announced his intention to run in the 2013 presidential elections and has collected the requisite 10 senator signatures needed to runCurrent president Vaclav Klaus has also endorsed his candidacy. He is climbing in the in opinion polls and has ranked 2nd and 3rd. Seehere for more details.

Jana Bobosikova

 Jana Bobisikova has announced her intention to run in the 2013 presidential elections. Jana Bobosikova is a former TV anchor woman and Member of the European Parliament (2004-2009). She founded the Sovereignty (Suvarenita) party in 2009 and is . She entered the 2008 presidential race in the second voting attempt with the support of the Communist party, but withdrew her candidacy before the first round of voting.  See here for more information about Jana Bobosikova.

Tomio Okamura

 Tomio Okamura is the president of the Association of Czech Travel Agencies and was elected to the Czech Senate in 2012. He announced his intention to run for president in the 2013 elections, however was disqualified due to discrepancies in his list of signatures.

Jiri Dienstbier

 Jiri Dienstbier is a CSSD senator and is the official CSSD candidate in the 2013 presidential elections. Popular support for Dienstbier shifts between 5-8%.

Zuzana Roithova

  Zuzana Roithova is a KDU-CSL Member of European Parliament and has announced her intention to run in the 2013 presidential elections. Her popularity is slightly above 3%.

Vladimir Dlouhy

Premysl Sobotka

 Přemysl Sobotka (ODS), deputy chairman Premysl Sobotka won the Civic Democrat, is the official candidate of ODS, however he has little to no chance of competitively running in the 2013 elections with popularity hovering around 4%.

Vladimir Franz

 Painter and composer Vladimir Franz is currently a professor at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Franz announced his candidacy in August, 2012.See here for his official website.
  1. ODS will select presidential candidate in primary | Czech Presidential Elections

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